When Wasabi Ventures Stables purchases a 2 year old, our club members get to help determine the horse’s name. This applies whether the horse has a Jockey Club-approved name or not. The naming process has multiple steps:

Step 1- All club members can submit name suggestions via Slack. There is a channel dedicated to name suggestions. Michele, our Community Evangelist, will notify the club in Community or General when each horse’s naming begins. Each club member can suggest up to 3 names and needs to check them via the Jockey Club before submitting. Michele records all JC-eligible suggestions.

Step 2- MIchele & TK (Managing Partner) take the entire list of names and reduces it to a list of 8-10 semi-finalists.

Step 3- The list of semi-final names are shared with some assortment of the following: administrative assistants, trainers, bloodstock agents. They vote on their top 3 choices.

Step 4- The top 3 choices become the finalists. These 3 names are shared with co-owners of the horse being named. Each co-owner gets 1 vote per ½% owned. Votes can be split, if desired. Voting can take place publicly in the horse’s Slack channel or sent to Michele via private message. Co-owners that don’t vote early will receive a reminder via Slack or email.

Step 5- The top 2 names will be submitted to the Jockey Club for final approval. Co-owners of the horse will be notified at submission. Once the name is approved co-owners, as well as all club members, will be notified.