We typically begin the naming process in June, working on two horses at a time.

1. We solicit names from the club as a whole. This is done via Slack. Each club member can submit up to 3 names and should check the Jockey Club Registry to ensure that each desired name is available. To see a full list of the Jockey Club naming rules, go to this page. Michele (our community evangelist) keeps track of all suggestions.

2. Michele and TK (WVS founder) reduce the name suggestions to a group of 8-10 semi-finalist names.

3. The list of 8-10 names is given to internal team members that may include: the bloodstock agent who helped choose the horse, the trainer of the 2 YO, and our administrative assistants.

4. The three names that receive the most votes become the finalists. Club members that co-own the 2 year old vote on the name. For each half percent owned, a member gets one vote. Votes can be split among names, if desired. This list of 3 names is shared only with voting club members

5. Once the voting period ends, WVS submits the first and second choices to the Jockey Club for approval. 

6. After receiving official notification from the Jockey Club, the name is announced to the co-owners and club in general.