Wasabi Ventures Stables hopes to provide not only horse ownership at a reasonable price but also a community for our club to enjoy. One avenue for community collaboration is Slack. With a constantly growing club, it is time to establish simple ground rules.


  1. Be considerate of others. While we encourage conversation, remember that posting a comment in a channel sends alerts to others.  When you want to “talk” with one person, please use private message or start a thread. Don’t clog others’ Slack with an overwhelming amount of chatter.

  2. Be polite. There is no need for name calling or angry dialogue.

  3. Be positive. If you are unhappy with something, private message TK or Michele. A Slack channel is not the place to air grievances.

  4. Be inquisitive, in small doses. It’s good to ask questions, but before you post to Slack, make sure you have checked the FAQs on our website or search the web for an answer, especially if it’s a general knowledge question.

  5. Be welcoming. When there’s good news from others, send congratulations (in a thread, preferably) or use an emoji to endorse the good news.

  6. Be mindful of where you post. We have many (many) channels within Slack. Place a post in the most applicable channel. If it’s a question for one person, just private message.

  7. Be happy! We want everyone to enjoy WV Stables. 


  1. If admin (Michele or TK) determine that you have violated any of these rules

    1. First offense: we will suspend your Slack privileges for 7 days. 

    2. Second offense: we will suspend your Slack privileges for 30 days.

    3. Third offense: you will be permanently banned.

  2. Please note: if you post in Community about a specific horse instead of that horse's channel, we aren’t going to ban you. However, if you’re being generally unpleasant, that could result in a ban.