Horse shoes assist in a horse maintaining traction on various track conditions. Most horseshoes are made of aluminium and come in different generic sizes, which are then fitted to the horse's exact size. Roughly once a month the horses shoes are changed. The type of shoe worn is determined by the needs and desired race of the horse.

"Only Flat Shoes" or "Queens Plates" are shoes with no protrusions from the shoe, these are the only shoes allowed on the turf. "Mud Caulks" are shoes with protrusions from the heel to provide extra traction, much like a cleat. Mud Caulks are intended for wet or sloppy tracks but are sometimes used on dry tracks as well. "Bend Shoes" are bent at the bottom of the shoe towards the surface of the track. Much like Mud Caulks this allows horses to have more traction in a race. "Bar Shoes" form a circle on the bottom of the horses foot, this stops a horse's foot from expanding when his or her hoof makes contact with the racetrack, Bar Shoes are used to help a horse recover from cracks in a hoof or bruises in the heel.