When a Club member logs into his/her dashboard, he/she can see all of the happenings in his/her account, including financial status of each horse.

See the screenshot here for reference: https://cl.ly/978ea99dc7ec

One of the items is the "Purse Money Earned" (the green circle). This is the total purse money your percentage of all of your horses has earned.  This is just an overview so you can see what you have earned in revenues as an owner.  This number doesn't reflect any balance owed to you as it doesn't include your expenses.  

To get a sense of how each horse is performing individually, you can click on any of the financials Icons (the pink circle) of any horse.

When a horse completes its time running with our Club (i.e. retirement, sold away, or claimed away), then we settle up financially (i.e. Revenues - Expenses) and give you your share, if applicable.