Once you have paid your $25 to be a member of the Co-Owner Club, you will be able to see every horse we purchase or claim and will get all of the details about the horse. Once you choose a horse, you will pay your desired percentage of the exact purchase price plus a $99 management fee. The percentage available will be a range of between .5% to 4.99% depending on the horse. An example of a purchase: A horse is claimed by WV Stables for $20,000. A Co-Owner Club member likes the horse and selects it as his/her first horse. He/she would pay: ($20,000 x 1% = $200) + $99 management fee.
When a horse finishes up its Wasabi Ventures Stables racing career, we send a detailed and transparent accounting of all of the winnings and expenses. At that point, a Co-Owner will get his/her ownership percentage of any net proceeds. But if the final accounting shows a negative balance, a Co-owner will owe nothing more. There is never any risk beyond the initial percentage purchase price that you paid.
From that point forward, there are never any monthly expenses, so your cost is known and controlled. And you never risk any investment beyond your original percentage purchase.