The Club is meant for people who are new to racing and/or racing ownership and would love a low financial barrier to the experience the thrills of horse racing ownership without having to own a horse.
Our Club is also perfect for anyone who ever dreamt of owning a sports franchise or loves the thrill of fantasy sports.
Our approach to the Club is to provide a fun and action-oriented experience in the world of thoroughbred racing ownership.
In addition, because we have a completely transparent approach, we are able to provide ownership without the ongoing expenses and headaches that are typical of the sport of kings.
It is important to understand that the majority of thoroughbred racehorses ultimately lose money. While WV Stables manages racehorses in a business-like manner with the goal of producing profits, the main purpose of Co-Owner Club is to provide people with pleasure and entertainment for a modest, one-time cost similar to other sports-related entertainment. We only offer Co-Owner interests to people who can afford the loss of any part or all of their purchase price and whose primary interest is the entertainment value of racehorse ownership, with any possible financial returns a secondary consideration.