TK Kuegler, managing partner of WVS, wrote:
While many people/owners visit the barns of trainers, I thought I will give an insight into what I do when I visit.

I spend most of my time observing the operation.

  • How organized is the morning?
  • When does staff show up?
  • Do they know what they are doing?
  • How does the trainer talk to staff?
  • How much instruction does staff need to stay on plan?
  • Are the the staffers happy?
  • If they communicate is it in English or Spanish?  If Spanish, does the trainer speak Spanish well enough to communicate.   Do the staffers say things in Spanish that are mistranslated back to English.
  • If I ask questions of staffers, does it make the trainer nervous?

Of course I look at the horses and their well being, but that is the easy part.